Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. Grumps always smokes a yummy turkey and Grammie fixes the best dressing ever (from a recipe handed down for generations) and other delicious sides and pies. Her chocolate maringe was the best ever this year! I think I gained 5 pounds just thinking about the food again! Yum! And I'm thankful for the baggie of leftovers in my freezer! :)

***I totally fell down on the job this year and didn't make my pecan pie. Really, this is only the second time I haven't made a pecan pie in the last 19 years!!! What's worse, is that I didn't even have a good reason for it. I just went shopping! (The first time I had a good reason...bed rest while expecting Matt!) Oh well!***

I have to admit, that I actually love Black Friday shopping...until I'm there. But, I did get some great pre-Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales and now have one person left to buy for! This made me laugh and I just have to share!

Grumps, Matt, and Michael went hunting Thursday night through Saturday. It was Matt's first time on an overnight hunting trip and I have to admit that I was (more than) a little nervous. They all had a great time! Matt got the only "kill" which turned out to be Grumps' duck decoy! He shot it and it sunk! (It's ok, you can laugh!) Grumps had him target practicing and didn't expected him to be such a great shot...or that a duck decoy could sink.  (Oh how I wish I could have seen the looks on both of their faces!!!) They also roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and played Go Fish and War. As for the rest of the trip, Matt said, "We just did man's stuff." :)

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