Friday, October 26, 2012

Candy Corn Creation

Megan is totally into making Halloween decorations right now, so we're at it again! This time, I wanted something to hang in our front window, that used supplies I had on hand, and she wanted to paint. I remembered seeing candy corn wreaths and came up with this fun, nearly free idea.

2+ Paper plates
orange and yellow paint or crayons
brushes, if using paint
ribbon, yarn, fishing line, etc. (optional)


Step 1: Lightly draw 4 or 6 sections onto your paper plate.

Step 2: Around the center, draw a circle about 2" in diameter. (I eye-balled it. Did you notice there was no ruler listed? :))

Step 3: Paint or color leaving the inner circle white.

Step 4: Cut out sections.

Step 5: Tape to ribbon and hang, or tape to walls, windows, doors, etc.

Monday, October 22, 2012

First Blog...original I know!

I want to be a mom who is always wearing and handing out happy faces, but let's get real! Life is a journey. It's exciting and monotonous, fun and aggravating, hilarious and devastating...sometimes in the course of five minutes!

My family is a blessing! They make being a wife and mom true joy!

I love to play with my kids, bake, make things together, and read with them. Someday soon, I hope to learn to sew, read grown-up books, and play on pinterest.

With those things in mind, I think it only right to start off with a little project Megan and I did that made our home boo-tiful! :)
(Note: I'm having HUGE issues with my camera. These are not the cute pictures I had planned to use, but if I don't get this posted now, it'll be after Halloween before anyone sees it! ;))

3-6 pieces of white paper
marker or crayon
fishing line (or ribbon, yarn, etc.)

Step 1: Fold white paper in 1/2 or 1/4  (Megan's hands are small enough to fit on 1/4 page) and trace hand. Repeat on 2-5 more pages depending on size and how many you want.
Step 2: Cut out hands.
Step 3: Add ghostly faces.
Step 4: Tape onto fishing line and hang. (Megan wanted hers taped on the mantel. A window would also be cute!)