Monday, December 3, 2012


This post has nothing creative or cutesy or fun and easy to make, but it's sure to make you laugh. :)

Our seven-year-old, Matt, is in first grade. Earlier last week, something was said about couples saying vows when they get married. To which Matt says, "So they say A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y?!" Michael and I couldn't help but laugh out loud! Fireproof, happens to be one of our favorite movies. (Our kids love it too! And if you haven't seen it, you HAAAAVE to!) So, I brought up the wedding scene and used it to better explain.

So, I thought we were all clear on vows verses vowels...until today. :)

Today, Michael and Matt went to a Toroes (Semi-pro team near Austin) basketball camp and game that the team put on for Cub Scouts. They had a really great time and Matt learned so many new things. As he was eating dinner, he was reliving the camp and telling us all about it. Then he stood up, crossed his arms in an X and said, "They'll do this and yell, 'VOW! VOW!'" This time, I was the one with the puzzled look. Michael chuckled and said, "That's FOUL! FOUL!" Matt (almost rolling his eyes in exasperation, yet still smiling) says, "Ohhhhh! I'm a silly kid like that!"

Ok, writing all of this totally does NOT do it justice!